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Liysa Northon is serving 12 years in an Oregon prison for killing her husband. Her marriage had been filled with violent physical abuse, and threats to harm her young sons. She was told that she would be "hunted down like an animal" if she ever left. She was psychologically coerced into entering a plea agreement in her trial, rather than presenting any defense.

After the trial, a murder mystery writer wrote a novel about this event which became a best seller. Although presented as a true story, the novel in fact is half truth and more creative fantasy to make it a "better "story. The semi-fictional character in the book has hijacked Liysa's life, and this website is an effort to set the story straight.

Domestic Violence is never pretty. This site contains affidavits and court transcripts that show the very disturbing side of the story that was never presented in court. This site also contains some of Liysa's recent writing, and some of the professional photography she did in her life before she went to prison. Her sons live with family, visit her several times a year for extended periods, and love her fiercely: they know she protected their lives with her action.

There have recently been new web sites posted that purport to tell the truth about this case. Read them and make your own judgements, and ask yourself who has the photos and information that these sites contain? All of Liysa's legal actions are still under appeal.



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3 new essaysAppellant Brief, Northon vs. Rule, 9th Circuit 2008 - 184K Download

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